February 7 | 5:00-9:00pm

various locations (see list below)

Super Bowl.png

Join us to watch the best commercials of the year! And, I guess, the biggest NFL game as well. In order to create more opportunities for social distancing and decreasing contact, we will be having multiple parties in various locations for this year's event. High schoolers are invited to hang out with their small groups! (See location list below.) Students are welcome to stay until the end of the game. It's gonna be super!


Seniors (Guys & Girls) - Greg & Theresa Wilson's home - 10525 Harvest Rd., St. George (in the barn behind the house)

Juniors (Guys & Girls) - UCC Youth Building - 2800 Claflin Rd.

Sophomore Girls - Ellie Nicholson's home - 310 Rosewalk Pl.

Sophomore Guys - Andy & Renee Cassel's home - 1617 Denholm Dr.

Freshman Girls - Christina Davin's home - 802 N 5th St.

Freshman Guys - Cole & Jenna Wilson's home - 1014 Fremont St. (entrance is in the back)

WHAT SHOULD I BRING? | Please bring a snack to share (please bring either store-bought & individually-wrapped snacks or, if you make something homemade, please package it in individual Ziploc bags) and invite a friend! All high school students are welcome!

WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? | Well, watch the game, of course. But there will also be plenty of time to hang out with friends and lots of food & games, including our annual Big Game Bingo and Quiz! There will be PRIZES for game winners!