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High School Youth Pastor

Josh started at UCC as a youth ministry volunteer in 1997, and has served as youth pastor since 2001. He is married to Amy, his favorite person in the world, and has 3 awesome, crazy sons. He loves sports, losing himself in stories, and Chipotle (pretty much just food in general).


Senior Girls SGL

Jenna recently graduated from Kansas State University and Manhattan Christian College in 2018. Just after graduating she started working full-time at Manhattan Christian College in the Institutional Advancement Department. Jenna enjoys serving alongside her husband, Cole, who first brought her to UCC. In her free time she enjoys reading and eating ice cream preferably at the same time. (Youth Leader since 2016.)


Senior Girls SGL

Ali is a student at K-State studying early childhood education. She enjoys the outdoors and loves spending time with her family, her boyfriend, and high school students because they bring her joy! (Youth Leader since 2017.)


Senior Guys SGL

Jared has been a part of UCC since he was an obnoxious kid. He grew up in this youth ministry and is now giving back by serving current students. He is an engineer with Orazem & Scalora Engineering here in Manhattan. He is married to Allie who is a teacher in the 383 school district. Jared is an avid outdoorsman and handyman. If you're looking for him, he's either hunting or working on a project!

(Youth Leader since 2015.)


Junior Girls SGL

Chloe is passionate about Jesus and youth ministry! She loves mentoring high school girls and walking alongside them in their faith journeys. She is a student at Kansas State where she is a dorm R.A., serving a floor of other students. In addition to being a volunteer, Chloe served as Youth Ministry Intern during 2020.

(Youth Leader since 2020.)


Junior Guys SGL

Ben has been attending UCC since 2008. He grew up seeing himself as being a leader in the same youth group he attended as a student, and now he’s doing just that! His love for students is immeasurable and has a passion to cultivate their relationships with God.

(Youth Leader since 2017.)

Ellie (16x9).png


Sophomore Girls SGL

Ellie has been involved at our church since she was in college at K-State. Now she serves as UCC's Connections Coordinator, helping people get connected beyond Sunday mornings and creating and facilitating events to engage our church body. She loves tennis and has a genuine fear of getting up in front of people.

(Youth Leader since 2019.)


Seniors SGL

Mara loves living here in Manhattan with her husband and their dog, Benji! She is an esthetician at Salon Essentials and has been serving in the High School Ministry for 2 1/2 years. She loves spending time with family and traveling. Mara loves serving our students because investing and pouring into students is something she never experienced herself as a high schooler. She feels blessed to be able to share her knowledge and experience with students and hopefully help them choose a better path.



Seniors SGL

Kate is a dual degree student seeking a degree in Intercultural Studies at MCC and Interior Architecture at KSU. Kate is a local townie who grew up in our ministry and loves the little apple! She loves to pour into students lives and walk beside them in their faith journey.


Seniors SGL

Andy is a long-time Manhattan resident, moving here in 1995. Much of his life is spent with teenagers as he works full-time at Manhattan High School in the Digital Learning Lab. He and his wife Renee have been married since 2002, have three daughters Ashlyn, Hannah, and Audrey, and have been UCC members for the duration of their marriage. Andy enjoys being outside, listening to music, attending live events like concerts, musicals, plays & athletic activities, making fire pits, and taking naps. His favorite part of youth ministry is seeing teenagers take steps toward Jesus and seeing their growth over time. He also loves the chance to do youth ministry with his own kids! (Youth Leader since 2002.)



Juniors SGL

Where can we start with this guy? Josh is a graduate of Manhattan Christian College. With his newfound freedom, he is ready to take on the world. 2032 presidential election, here he comes! (Youth Leader since 2019.)


Freshman Guys SGL

Cole grew up in Manhattan and was active in this very youth ministry as a student. He enjoys giving back to the youth group that established his spiritual foundation. He graduated from Kansas State University and Manhattan Christian College in 2019 and is now working full time at Howie's Trash and Recycling as a trash truck driver. Cole enjoys building computers in his spare time as well as bringing treasures that he has found in the trash home to his wife, Jenna. As you can imagine, she enjoys that very much.

(Youth Leader since 2015).

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