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March 10-15, 2024

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis Spring Break 2024.jpg

For our upcoming spring break, our HSM will be taking a mission trip to Indianapolis, IN! Below you'll find basic information about our upcoming trip.

WHO CAN GO?: All high school students are invited. There will be an application to submit in order to be part of this trip. Mission trips have a different purpose than other youth events. While you will have tons of fun, a heart for service and self-sacrifice need to be foremost on this trip.

WHAT WILL WE DO?: When we arrive in Indianapolis we will connect with our host church, who we will be staying with each evening. Monday - Thursday we will serve from 9-4 in different capacities. Some of the things we will be doing are working in a homeless shelter, serving at food banks, and other social services type of projects. There will be some relational components to this trip as we will get to serve people and interact with those we will be helping. In the evenings we will have some time to connect as a group, explore the city, and have some fun. We will be providing most of our own meals, so we will also be cooking for ourselves. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about inner city ministry 


WHEN IS THE TRIP?: The dates are March 10-15. We would meet at the church early in the morning on the 10th and arrive home late in the evening on the 15th. 

WHERE ARE WE GOING?: Indianapolis, IN 

WHY ARE WE GOING?: In order to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We will serve "the least of these" wherever we find them.


  • Early Price = $300 (by January 21)

  • Late Price = $350 (after January 21)

  • You will also need money for 5 travel meals.

  • You can register with a $100 non-refundable deposit, and then payments can be made after the initial deposit. The deposit will lock in the early price if made on or before January 21st.

  • February 4th is the deadline to sign up and when final payment is due because we have to have all paperwork finished and turned in by the 10th.

If the cost or finances are genuinely an obstacle for your family, please contact Bryan to discuss options including payment plans, scholarships, and more. If interested, you can fill out our Event Scholarship Application.


Be in prayer about whether this is something you feel led by God to be part of. Talk to Small Group Leaders and other students who have gone on mission trips before to find out what these trips are like. And reserve a spot on your calendar for spring break 2024!

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