March 12-18, 2022

Location TBA

Spring Break Mission Trip_edited.jpg

For our upcoming spring break, our HSM will be taking a mission trip to LOCATION NOT YET REVEALED! Below you'll find basic information about our upcoming trip.

WHO CAN GO?: All high school students are invited. There will be an application to submit in order to be part of this trip. Mission trips have a different purpose that other youth events. While you will have tons of fun, a heart for service and self-sacrifice need to be foremost on this trip.

WHAT WILL WE DO?: The location we will be going to is in an impoverished, multi-ethnic neighborhood. We will meet many people of differing races and nationalities. We will take part in a refugee simulation. We will work, go to church, and serve in the community.



WHEN IS THE TRIP?: The dates are March 12-18. It will be a full day of travel on the front and back end of the trip.

WHERE ARE WE GOING?: We can't tell you that yet!

WHY ARE WE GOING?: In order to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We will serve "the least of these" wherever we find them.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?: Early estimates tell us that the price for this trip will be around $300/person. This includes food, lodging, transportation, supplies, and programming for all individuals attending.

WHEN WILL REGISTRATION OPEN?: Registration will open in mid-December when Josh returns from his Sabbatical.

WHAT CAN I DO UNTIL THEN?: Be in prayer about whether this is something you feel led by God to be part of. Talk to Small Group Leaders and other students who have gone on mission trips before to find out what these trips are like. And reserve a spot on your calendar for spring break 2022!