August 2, 2020 | 8:00-10:30pm

UCC Youth Building

outdoor movie night.png

Unfortunately, MHS has canceled their graduation scheduled to be held on August 2. However, because of that, we are going to host an Outdoor Movie Night, watching Captain Marvel! (And right now, the weather looks fantastic!)

Students are welcome to arrive about 8:00 to hangout, claim their spot, grab some snacks & drinks, play games with their friends, then the movie will start at 8:30 (we have to wait until it's dark enough!). The movie is right at 2 hours long, so we will end about 10:30.

It would be helpful if your student would bring a lawn or outdoor-chair.

All high school students are welcome, and this would be a great event for your student to invite his/her non-churched friends to.

If you want to see some content reviews for Captain Marvel, here are two: